About Us

We help companies grow, improve, and automate with online solutions to help maximize ROI and reduce overhead.

Digital Marketing Nashville TN

Who We Are

Digital Focus L.L.C. is a small business devoted to helping other businesses achieve success. We are a web design and marketing consultation company located in Nashville, TN offering a wide range of services for businesses of any size with any number of locations.

​Our company was founded to make it easy for any business owner to expand their business, acquire more customers, and increase revenue. We know you are an expert in your field and want to make it easy for you to focus on just that. We are experts in marketing/advertising so leave that to us. We keep the customers coming in; you keep providing them a great experience.

​Digital Focus lets business owners focus on running their business, while we focus on the rest.

Web Design Company

What We Do

At Digital Focus, we save companies valuable time and money, maximizing ROI. We do this by optimizing the web presence of your company. A strong online presence is vital for any company because it strengthens your branding, trust, and authority with customers.

Markets tend to be very competitive nowadays. We make it easy for you to stand out in your market so everyone else is playing catch up, not you.

​Our online optimizations can dramatically improve traffic, customers, and sales. This happens because everyone uses the Internet to find businesses. By optimizing your online presence you are making it easy for people to find your company, trust you, and take the next step to contact you. What if you could triple your sales over the next year just by optimizing your online presence? We do this for businesses in many different industries. We provide great results for clients by utilizing these strategies:

  • We increase traffic, customers, and revenue by optimizing and maximizing your online presence. Every company should have a strong web presence to stand out from the competition.
  • We bring companies to the top of search engines. We help you outrank your competitors so people find your company first and not the competition. This builds trust with your audience, strengthens your branding and increases your customer base.
  • We design stunning websites that engage customers so the first thing they do is contact our clients. A stunning website attracts viewers and turns those viewers into paying customers.
  • We use social media to promote businesses so they can captivate viewers, easily update them, and increase customer retention rates. Everyone uses social media. Are you? If not, then get to it and make it easy for everyone to stay updated with your company.
  • We optimize Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for businesses to save them thousands of dollars every year all while increasing revenue and maximizing ROI. Advertisements provide instant increases in new customers and revenue.
  • We teach companies how to respond to customers instantly instead of taking minutes, hours, or days to respond. Impress consumers from the first interaction to the last. Don't give them time to contact your competitors. Close sales faster than ever before with Game Changer.
  • We help companies improve their online reputation. It's no secret that your online reputation can make or break you. Dramatically increase your positive reviews online and turn the bad ones into good ones. All it takes is one negative review to convince people to stay away. Take control of your online reputation now.

Online marketing is an ever changing space. We are always focusing on the constant changes within markets and use the latest proven technologies/strategies to provide our clients with optimal results. With a network of over 3,000 marketers, if you have a question, we have an answer. We are here to help our clients every step of the way for the long run.


Why Choose Us?

You took the risk only 10% of the U.S. dares to take and established your business. You want to be successful so partnering with the right company is essential. We are precise with our implementation creating a unique strategy for every client. A strong online presence is vital for any company wanting to expand and dominate their local market. We help companies succeed and dominate online. Being the top dog online helps you stand out from the competition and sets you on a pedestal above the rest. ​Not only will we do this for you, but we'll educate you too. Our clients understand everything we do for them, why it's important, and how it benefits their company.

We are 100% transparent with you.

​Customer service is a top priority of ours. We are here to help you every way we can. We can't grow unless you grow too. We love what we do and are determined to help others achieve success. We are an authentic marketing firm that sincerely wants you to be successful. No sleaziness. No lengthy contracts. Just growth and determination. We work harder than others to help businesses expand, skyrocket revenue, and make sure every one of their customers is happy. Our proven formula for success helps companies expand their business for years to come. Leave your digital marketing to us so you can continue focusing on what you love to do!


Teamwork makes everything easier. Together, we can help your business succeed so you can spend time enjoying the world and its beautiful mysteries.