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Never lose a customer to competition again. Welcome to Game Changer.

Automated Responses

Automatically respond to customer inquiries.
Increase Sales
Respond to prospects before they have any time to contact the competition.
Improve Customer Service
Amaze your customers with quick response times.

Welcome To Game Changer

​If a large portion of your online sales come from online leads, you have a bunch of people filling out forms on your website, or it takes your company a long time to respond to online leads, then Game Changer is what you need!

Now you can turn your online leads into automatic phone calls! Even if you respond to online leads in just 10 minutes, you are losing out on precious sales because your prospects have already contacted other companies and found a solution. If you take too long to respond to a prospect, then they may have already forgotten they contacted you in the first place. This causes companies to lose out on a lot of sales and makes them appear unprofessional. You could be losing 80% of your leads just because it's taking you to long to respond to those leads.

With game changer, you will be responding to online leads within seconds, instead of days! When someone fills out and submits a contact form on your website, our software will immediately call your phone. All you do is pick up the phone, and your phone will immediately start calling the customer from the contact form.

​Now, instead of taking minutes, hours, or even days to reply to an online lead, you will be contacting your prospects back in just seconds, with no extra effort on your part. This provides customers with an outstanding service and allows you to respond faster than anyone else. Amaze your customers with crazy fast response times and then close the deal faster than you have ever done before.

Game Changer is great for companies that receive a large portion of online leads. This amazing technology is perfect for car dealerships, limo companies, charter companies, realty companies, home improvement companies, contracting companies, service companies, and more. Add Game Changer to your site today and close more sales than you've ever been able to achieve before!

Don't Take Our Word For It

​Listen to Game Changer in action! Hear what customers say about Game Changer when they receive a call back in just seconds!
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Watch the video to learn how Game Changer can increase your sales!

Increase Sales
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Improve Your Reputation

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