Website Care Plans

Imagine never having another website headache again...


Hassle-free, worry-free website management services to protect, maintain, and grow your business.

Complete Care For Your Website

Your website is likely a critical piece of your business. Whether people use it to get directions or contact your support, there is management that needs to be done.


Wouldn't you rather focus on other areas of your business?


We'll manage your website so you can continue focusing on the other important apsects of your business.

Peace of mind

We'll take care of your website so you won't need to, making sure it accurately reflects your businesses values. Updates, backups, security, the whole shabang, included.


As your business grows, you'll have more on your plate. Leave your website worries to us so your business operates swiftly and efficiently from the first web visit to the delivery of your product or service.

All software is vulnerable. Get protected

Software needs updating to stay secure and run at optimum speed. Without proper security, a site could be hacked and the owner may never know it. Twitter and Facebook have experienced it, along with millions of small businesses. We install security software to protect your site, its data, and your customers.

Take advantage of the latest strategies

The competition is always innovating with new websites and ingenious online strategies. The world is getting smaller as more of us connect to the web, which means it is only going to get harder to keep up, let alone stay ahead. Our care plans mean you'll always stay ahead.

Website Care Plan Features

Everything you need to run a successful website:

  • Fast Website Hosting

    Blazing Fast Hosting

    WordPress optimized hosting for a blazing fast customer experience.

  • Website Backups

    Daily Offsite Backups

    We backup your site daily so if disaster strikes, a fix is just one click away.

  • WordPress Updates


    We handle all of your WordPress updates, Core, Plugins, and Themes.

  • Website Safe Updates

    Safe Updates

    Automated review of your site after updates to make sure nothing breaks.

  • How To Speed Up Website

    Performance Monitoring

    Our team will monitor your site for performance issues and seek resolution.

  • Speed Optimizations

    Performance Optimization

    We do routine cleaning and optimizations to keep your site running fast.

  • Website Care Reports

    Monthly Care Reports

    Stay in the know with monthly reports for your website.

  • Website Page Builder

    Page Editor

    Use a simple editor to update content and images on your own without touching any code.

  • Website Training Videos

    Training Videos

    Access professional training videos so you always know how to update your website the moment you need it.

  • Website Security

    Security & Malware Monitoring

    We’ll monitor your site 24/7 for vulner- abilities, malware, and attacks.

  • Site Dashboard

    Simple Dashboard

    A beautiful website dashboard with your tutorials, blog posts, analytics, and more.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    Uptime Monitoring

    If something goes wrong, our 24/7 uptime monitoring will notify us.

  • SSL HTTPS Security

    SSL Setup & Monitoring

    It’s never been more important for businesses to have SSL enabled on their websites.

  • Website Outage Monitoring

    Outage Support

    If your site goes down, we’ll bring it back up at no additional cost.

  • Speed Optimizations

    Performance Optimization

    We do routine cleaning and optimizations to keep your site running fast.

  • Website Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Get help and advice from someone who loves this techie stuff and can explain it in laymen terms.

  • No Commitment

    No Commitments

    There are no commitments or long-term contracts. You can cancel anytime.

Pick The Level That's Best For You


$25 per month
  • Standard Website Hosting
  • Monthly Software Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Basic Security Software with Daily malware monitoring
  • ✔ Email Support
  • Basic Speed & Performance Optimization
  • Image Compression Credits
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Support
  • Malware Removal & Cleanup
  • Bonus: Personalized Training Videos
  • Bonus: Access To Video Training
  • Additional Support: $100/hour


$99 per month
  • Premium Hosting
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium Monthly Report
  • Premium Security Software with Daily malware monitoring
  • Priority Email Support
  • Basic Speed & Performance Optimization
  • 100 Image Compression Credits
  • ✔ Uptime Monitoring
  • 30 Minutes of WordPress Support
  • Malware Removal & Cleanup
  • Bonus: Personalized Training Videos
  • Bonus: Access To Video Training
  • Additional Support: $100/hour


$299 per month
  • Dedicated Premium Hosting
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Premium Monthly Report
  • Premium Security Software with Daily malware monitoring
  • Priority Email & Phone Support
  • Premium Speed & Performance Optimization
  • 250 Image Compression Credits
  • ✔ Uptime Monitoring
  • 1 Hour of WordPress Support
  • ✔ Malware Removal & Cleanup
  • Bonus: Personalized Training Videos
  • Bonus: Access To Video Training
  • Additional Support: $75/hour

Sign Up For A Year And Get 2 Months Free!

Think you could do it cheaper or better yourself?

Sure, you could hire a full-time web developer starting at $35,000 annually. You could also get complete peace of mind for your business online with one of our care plans starting at less than $100 a month. We designed our plans for excellent service at an affordable price.

How a care plan saves you time, headaches, and money

24/7 Security Monitoring

Getting hacked is never fun. It's also something people never think about until it's to late, which can become an expensive mistake. We monitor and scan your site for malicious code, blacklisting, viruses, and malware as often as every day so you can be rest assured that both you and your customers data is secured.

If an attack occurs, we get notified so we can block the breach for you.

Offsite Backups

An important aspect of security is a good backup solution. Whether your site gets infected with malware or you mess up an edit on your site, our daily and weekly backups mean you don't have to worry about losing everything you've built.

We can easily restore a backup and get you back up and running in minutes. Phew!

Updates and Uptime

Know how your computer and apps receive updates to add new features and improve security? It's the same for your website. We keep your themes, plugins, and software up-to-date so you never need to do it yourself. We also get notified if your site goes offline so we can fix it ASAP.

If an update ever breaks anything, then we can restore your site to its previous glory thanks to our managed backup solution. Isn't that cool?

Content Updates

We understand your time is precious and you would rather spend it helping your customers, not logging in and updating your site. Instead, you can leave your content changes/updates to us.

With support time, all you need to do is email us and we'll get them done for you, usually the same day you request it.

Who needs a website care plan?

Who doesn’t? Existing clients... new clients... it doesn’t matter. You may have a WordPress website, but that doesn't mean you need the headaches of maintaining and keeping it secure. Leave the digital stuff to us so you can focus on running your business.

My website was not built by you. Can I still be on a care plan?

If it's built on WordPress, then of course! However, it's vital that we take a detailed look at how your website has been built so we can effectively manage it moving forward. For websites not built by us, we require a web tune-up service where we determine if we can work with your site and if so, we optimize it. This costs a one-time payment of $499.

How do I receive support?

Our support desk is handled via email. This ensures all communications are documented and can be referenced at any time. Depending on your care plan, you may also receive phone support from your developer.

Once you're on a care plan, simply email your developer directly and they'll get to work.

Do support hours rollover?

Support hours must be used in the same billing month. To ensure we continue managing every client efficiently, we carve out time for your business every month.

I don't need a plan, just a quick fix...

We strive to go above and beyond for every client. Because of this, we only offer ad-hoc services under certain circumstances. A website care plan is the best way to get support from us.

Having issues with your site? If you have a website built by someone else, we'd be happy to provide a free consultation to determine how we can best assist your growth and expansion.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! There are no long-term contracts or commitments. Simply inform us 30-days or more prior to your cancellation and we'll help you transition everything. We'll provide you with a full list of all software tools used to build and manage your site so you can take over the licensing agreements.

Does it matter where my site is hosted?

Yes! We work with managed hosting solutions for WordPress, such as SiteGround. This relieves many headaches and issues.

If you're having issues with your host, we'd be happy to migrate your site to a better solution. These services allow us to easily and effectively manage your site.

Cheap hosting can lead to website down time, poor security, slow speeds, and subpar customer service. We aim to offer a great service and that starts with the right hosting solution.

Why do we need an ongoing plan if we can update the site ourselves?

Consider how long it may take an employee to learn how to create webpages, continually update software, constantly check speed and security, etc. Do they know how to address a plugin conflict? What about check for and remove malware? What if a form stops working and you need it fixed ASAP? How much will that cost your business in lost sales? What more important task could they, or you, be doing instead?

Can I just update the site myself?

Sure! If you'd rather maintain the site on your own, we won't stop you 🙂

What happens if I do something stupid and break my site?

This is a common fear for clients, however, you don't need to worry about this with our care plans. You may cause a formatting issue, but that's usually something we can quickly fix. We'd even be happy to offer some guidance on what to do next time. These quick fixes are included in plans with monthly support time. If it’s not a quick fix, we'll just use a backup to restore a saved version and get your site up and running quickly.

What are plugin licenses and do I need to renew them?

Our care plan clients enjoy a huge benefit in that they do not need to pay for, or renew, most or all of the software licenses used to build their site. These tools can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars per month. Our bulk licensing agreements with software companies mean we can pass on huge savings to you 🙂

What plugin licences do you cover?

While your site is on a care plan, we include several premium licenses for software that improves your business online. This may include software that speeds up your website, secures your data, adds functionality, etc.

What if I need more hours of support than what's in my plan?

If you require more time than alotted in your monthly limit, then we'll send you an estimate for the updates. Upon approval, we'll get to work on your request using the hourly additional support pricing indicated in your plan.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Nope! You can stay for as long as you like and cancel any month. All we ask is that you try us out for a couple of months so you can see the benefit of our services. However, there is no commitment. 

How do I get started?

Glad you asked 🙂 You can get started right away by scrolling down and getting in touch. You may also contact your developer directly to add a plan.

Feel free to check out our process and getting started pages to see how we operate. If you have any questions then you can always contact us and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Let's Chat!

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